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Climbing a Tree

Either the creators got bored and went on paint or this is a new island.  Either way it seems poorly made.

What do you suppose is happening here?

I’ve never seen a Poptropican do that before…

But other then the poorly made tree, I would love to see Poptropicans be able to climb trees.


Red Ninja Kiosk

Ok so now we here at PopSuite have FINALLY decided to start posting. We have been through some rough times for the past few months. Lets get to the PCB post:

The sneak preview of Red Dragon Island just keeps getting better. Now it’s easier than ever for Poptropica Members to get your Midnight Red Ninja costume. Just pick it up at the kiosk next to the ring!

Now that’s what I call customer service.

And thats it. Comment and tell us what you think.


SkullDuggery island will be coming out for non-members this thursday! But first, Captain Crawfish has a sneak peek for them.

A pirate’s life for me

You’ve got to work your way up in this world. One day, you’re a lowly deckhand, sailing on a ratty old sloop and taking orders from a nasty old sea captain. But if you’ve got the right stuff — if you can defeat pirates and sea monsters, and outwit crooked traders to make your fortune — you just might take become a nasty old sea captain yourself. Only then can you take the reins of a mighty ship… like some of the ones below!  

Of course, there are even bigger and better ships out there, if you can find them.

Poptropica’s Skullduggery Island will be available to everyone this Thursday!

avatar image

The one and only Captain Crawfish at 11:44 AM
Hey, what do you mean by ships? There’s only one, you know… Anyway, thanks! I’ll be sure to enjoy SkullDuggery on Thursday… Bye…
*Jumps off of mast* *lands on tower of marshmallows*
Smart Kid out!

Spooky but stylish- Monster High

Hi! Just as I posted yesterday, there is a new ad called ”Monster High”. Only this, time, there’s a creators’ blog post! Wow, the creators are really active these days…. Anyway, here’s the post:

Creepy But Cool

Today when I visited the common room on 24 Carrot Island some of us saw this girl wearing a spooky yet stylish outfit. I wonder where she got it.

avatar image
The one and only Master Mime at 9:25 AM
All I’m thinking is, thought the goth guy! Also,how can poptropicans read each others’ minds?? Strange, huh? Fine, I admit the outfit is a little cool. After all, it is………


I am leaving for possibly the whole year, because I got grounded… So bye… I will be checking back un-frequently…Only my email though…So email me @


Poll update

Hey guys, remember that poll there was a post about a week ago.
Well, the poll is almost over and one has very much pulled away from the other.

Yah, pretty easy to predict.

~Golden Axe

Mythological Surf

Hi! The creators have made surfing costumes in the store for summer… Here’s the post:

It’s summertime, so grab your sunscreen, surfboards, and hit the beach!

These outfits are now available in the store, so choose your Mythology Surfer style: Zeus, Hades, or Poseidon.

avatar image

The one and only Shark Boy at 11:34 am
Nice!! I’ll be sure to buy one. 😉

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