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Very cool details.

Yeah, I decided to post. It’s Alpha/Mimic on the second day of his solo music career.

Anyway, if you check the Poptropica home page, you see this…

Click it, and here’s a new thing: newly organized island pages! (pardon my  two snapshots, it was hard to get.)

This means Early Poptropica now has a description! yay!

On another note, check out the series I’m writing with MT, PartyWithHobosForever! 😀



Difference between Prep and Alpha



lol not really. 😉

I’m Alpha, or iPrepKid. I’m 12, and I’m a cheese addict that lives in Australia. I’m really excited to be back on the blog. If you were around in…[hamina-hoo] EARLY LAST YEAR you knew me as MagicShadow. Of course, I’m going to be called Alpha and I’m better at wordpress. Anyway, now that you’re here, we might as well sing…:)


~Alpha, out!

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