Super Power Island Guide!!!

We have (finally) written the Super Power Island Guide! It is available on out Island Questions Page. Do you need help with Super Power Island? Well, just your luck, we’ve got a guide for you! Start reading!

By the PopSuite Crew.

Once you are on Super Power Island, find & enter the Comic Shop. There’s a weird dude in there; his name is Ned Noodlehead. Ask him if he has anything else other than comic books, and he will give you a Superhero’s Handbook. It’s optional to read it, but it is in your inventory if you need it. Exit his comic shop, and then enter the Masks & Capes shop next door. Find a man in there & talk to him to get a Super Hero ID card. You can click on any of the costumes in there to look like a super hero!  Exit the shop and run all the way to the left & swim across the water. You will end up at the prison. Talk to the warden to obtain Super Villain Files. Talk to the other person there to get Anti power handcuffs.  You may refer to the Super Villain files throughout the island. Now, swim back across the water & run to the right. Enter Downtown.  This is the hard part. Below, we will list the location of every super villain and how to defeat them.  You may do them in any order, except Betty Jetty. You have to do her last.

Speeding Spike: Find him in the Subway. He is on the train in the Subway. Enter that train.  Once in the train, go to the far right.  Don’t let him touch you, and tire him out. Lure him all the way to the left until he slips in a puddle of water. Click him to arrest him after that. You have defeated him!

Copy Cat: Find her at the bank. Once you are inside the bank, go to the left. Copy Cat copies herself, hence her name. You must catch all the copies of her before the smoke makes your Poptropican run out of air. If you fail, just redo it. If you succeed, you will be teleported back to the prison. That holds the same with all of the villains.

Ratman: Find the bathroom in City Park. Enter it. Once inside, click the hole. You are now in the sewer. Use the red wheels to move yourself. Experiment with them & you will find out what each one does. Turn the wheels to a point where you can find a door. It will be on your left. Enter it. Avoid the rats in there.  Navigate to the top right corner and click the red wheel. Sewage will fall on top of Sir Rebral. His flies will start following you! Navigate to Ratman (avoiding the flies) and click him to arrest him.

Sir Rebral: Go to the City Park.  Find the rock, it is grey. You may have noticed that the ground occasionally flies up & hits you. Use that to your advantage.  Push the rock to a spot where the ground flies up at. If you succeed, the rock will hit Sir Rebral. If it doesn’t, keep trying.  When the rock successfully hits him, click Sir Rebral to arrest him.

Crusher:  Find him in the Junkyard. Jump on stuff until you find the wooden tower. You may need to jump onto where Crusher is to get to the tower.  Avoid all flying objects; otherwise you could get knocked off. Climb the wooden tower. Find something with controls in it & click it. You will see Magnet Control. Drag the lever to the other side. Something will drop on Crusher, but he comes back madder than ever! He’s throwing even more stuff at you!  Make your way back up to the Magnet control & drag the lever again, except to the other side. Crusher is defeated! Click him to arrest hm.

Okay, so now you’ve defeated 5 villains. Go back to Main Street, and talk to the old superhero on top of the Daily Paper Building. Jump off & answer the ringing telephone! After that, YOU CAN FLY!!! Turn it on & off by pressing the new flight button at the bottom left corner of the game screen.  Now, to defeat Betty Jetty, your last villain:

Betty Jetty: In Downtown, Go to the top of the skyscraper. Betty will fly away, now is your chance to use your power of flight! Chase her (you need to use your flight power). Once in the skies above the birds, she will start throwing things at you! Avoid all of it. Once you are close enough to her, bump her to get her! You will both fall. Suddenly, Ned Noodlehead comes up & helps you! He gets all the credit for catching her AND he gets the island medallion! What terrible luck.  After that, go to Ned in his shop. Guess what? He’ll trade the island medallion for a good ole’ hot dog! Therefore,  you go to City Park and get a hot dog from the hot dog stand. Go back to Ned and trade the hot dog for the island medallion! Congratulations, you’ve beaten Super Power Island!


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  1. 1 Poptropican Storm April 10, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    Can I help with the Mythology guide?

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