A Guide from Reality

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Update: Poptropican Storm: YO PEEPS THERE IS A PARTY AT MY SITE AND YOU CAN GO AND IT IS FREE! Just go to TPWWW. The title says it all.

Well, I’ve finally completed the RTV guide! I hope it helps! You MAY NOT copy it whatsoever.

Go to Mike’s Market. Once inside, click the man at the far right. He has to go, but he dropped something! Go collect it. It will be put in your inventory. Speaking of which, go to your inventory & read the TABLOID.  Once you open it, flip the page until you find Reality TV Official Contestant Application. It’s put in your inventory. Exit the market and go to the motel. Enter the Motel office. After you struggle through the door (just kidding, you’ll fit easily), get a pen off the desk. The, click the phone & call 555-7383. The pizza dude will like totally answer, then you will automatically answer. Then, after the pizza dude asks where you want the delivery, say “Motel Room 4b”. Exit the motel. Talk to the pizza dude (no wait it’s a lady!) outside. You’ll ask “Want me to take care of that for you?”, and you have the pizza! Click the motel room 4b door and enter it. After that, walk right until you see a Poptropican man. Talk to him.  After he takes the pizza, three chat options will pop up. Click the third one, and he’ll give you a stamp.  Open up your inventory and press USE on the stamp card. Exit the motel & find TV World. Enter and click a TV. It will eventually tell you to send applications to 123 Star Avenue Hollywood. It is put on your application card! Fill out the application card in your inventory if you haven’t already. The comments field is where you can type anything positive on that application. Anyway, back to TV World. Exit TV world and find the blue mailbox (to the right of TV world). It’s worth a shot! Your Poptropican puts the application in there.

The next day, you can’t believe you made it onto the show! WOW! Jump up on the motel roof & enter the helicopter. Click “Start the show’.  Welcome to the world of reality!

Press the “Begin the show” button that you should see. Now, you will see all the contestants you are competing with!

Click “Begin today’s challenge”.  Here are all of the possible challenges you may get:

List of challenges:

Boulder Push, Totem Hop, Shuffleboard, Coconut Catch, Pole Climb, Shot Put, Hang Glider, Water Run, Geyser Guess, On The Line, Balanced Diet, Turtle Shell Toss, or Mountain Race

Instructions are given for each game when you start it. There will be a vote after each challenge. Try not to get voted off! There will be a new challenge every day for a span of 7 Poptropica days. If you win after 7 days, it’ll say that you have won! Then click RETURN HOME. Congrats! If you did not win or got voted off, just redo it.


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    Dynaboa, please check The Daedalus Blog. 😉

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    hi im the author of poptropica updates (poptropicah.wordpress.com) you commented on my blog if u could work there and im going to have to think about it if i do ill comment here but if i do ill let you work for a couple weeks so yeah but im still thinking about it ok so yeah wait i keep on saying yeah opps i said it again! yeah c ya layter omg i said it again anyway peace

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    Guys, there’s a new PCB post. It’s pretty short, though.

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