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As promised, we are working on new island guides. We have already completed the Astro Knights, Counterfeit, & Haunted House Guides. Visit the “Island Questions” page to view them. You MAY NOT copy our guides at all unless we give permission. Here is our latest one: Early Poptropica:

After you arrive on Early Poptropica, go all the way to the right. Enter the Earliest Early Poptropica. Talking to the Poptropicans there is optional. Find the well and enter it. Go down, down, down! Find the glow stick in there (hint: it is in the top left part of the cave). Then exit the cave and go back to Main Street. Find the sewer in front of the Pop Art Museum and enter it. There’s another cave. Jump down to the bottom (avoid the spider) and get the “Prized Porker”. Run left and enter the tunnel. In the tunnel, go left into the next cave. You have to use your glow stick. Run around in there until you collect the golden egg. Exit by going to the top of the cave & climbing the rope. Exit at Poptropica Towers. Jump on anything you can to get to the top of the far left building. Climb up the vine. Once you are in the clouds, find the giant & click him. He will let you proceed. Go right. Go over the garden and find a water bucket at the other end. Proceed to go right to the airplanes. Obtain the jet pack and leave (do that by flying over the planes and going back to the garden). Once back in the garden, find the exit sign under the vine & click it. You will land on the final item: the FLAG. Go back to Earliest Early poptropica and talk to everybody who lost an item. That way, you’re giving back the items. Then board the ship that pulls up, click the pixilated Poptropican there, and you win! YIPEE!

Written by PopSuite Crew.


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  1. 1 Giant Hawk March 20, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    Nice! 😉

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